About the Author

Michael Whelan is an ex-Irish American Catholic New Yorker (he’s never clear which is the "ex") who loves to stir the waters of the God question after priming his guests with Jameson.


He explores the spirit with the charm of a believing agnostic leprechaun who comes from an Irish family where everyone has a heady quickness in spinning words.


He is also a lifelong prober of the unknowable side of being and a soul pilgrim who could have ridden in the Canterbury Tales.


He holds a master's degree in theology but never puts that on his business resume.


Whelan won first prize in The Leitrim Guardian 2012 Literary Awards. His poems have been published in The Coachella Review, The Eloquent Atheist, The Healing Muse, The Little Patuxent Review, and Innisfree Poetry Journal.  His prose memoir pieces have appeared in The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and online on Irish Central.


Whelan's poem “Clay Feet,” included in After God, appeared first in the Martin Stannard August 1, 2013 Collection featured on The Best American Poetry blog.


In 2015, eirways, a quarterly exploring the arts and culture of Ireland on both sides of the Atlantic, featured a selection from Whelan's poems and prose around remembering the late,  acclaimed Dermot Healy, one of Ireland's finest writers.